The power of fanatism!

I saw yesterday on a portuguese channel a documentary named: Jonestown - The biggest mass suicide in the history.
I was indeed very impressionated. Check the all story in the wikipedia.

This is Jim Jones, the mentor of the cult and the responsable for the mass forced suicide. We have to give him same credits, he built a huge cult out of nothing, his oratory must had been great, to say the least...

Jonestown afther the colectiv suicide.

The story is well knowed in the U.S.A.

The fanatism can show many faces, it appears not only in religion! It is on politic, it is on sports, it is on ideologies, it is on belives... We have to be aware, so we dont let the Jim Jones of the world lead us to a place of no return.

Eça de Queirós (2)

I agree that the book is better than the movie, but in most cases is like that.
I talked about the mexican version, because of all the friends I have there, but I must also say that the portuguese movie (O crime do Padre Amaro) based on the same novel is even better than the mexican (sorry!), the problem is that our movies dont have visibility outside our borders...

My beautifull city: TAVIRA (2)

If you ever go to Tavira this is one of the views you will have from the castel, the most higher place of the city.

Eça de Queirós

Eça de Queirós is my favourite portuguese author. I love how he writes, the way he looks into the human nature in the society.
I wanted to see the mexican movie El crimen del Padre Amaro (The crime of the priest Amaro), based on a Eça´s novel with the same name, for a long time. The film was very well recived, now I understand why. I´m just sorry I took so much time to see it, but better late than never...

My beautifull city: TAVIRA (1)

A look, from the sky, of the coast side of Tavira.

New life!

I was very concerned about my future life until now.
I used to think: Will I go to work outside of Portugal again? What will I do in Portugal?
I loved to work on the ships, but I did not saw that as a future for me.
Now I found a really good job in my country.
I'm happy with my new life, but I´m also happy because all the experiences I had aboard are in my spirit 4ever.

Look...The hotel where I will work! It is called: HOTEL NAVEGADORES. I will be the secretary of the Direction.

It stays on this beautifull place called Monte Gordo.

Crown Princess

The first image had to be this one!

The begin

This blog is for my friends all over the world.
If you want to know about me, just came here, I will do the same if I want to see what you all are up to...